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Meet Nicole

Hi! Welcome to Studio 3511 Photography. Oahu Wedding Photographer. Honolulu Family Photographer.

I am glad you are here. I’m Nicole, photographer + founder of Studio 3511 Photography. One of Hawaii’s artsy and fun wedding photographers, editor and silly joke teller of Studio 3511. I’m pretty shy, unless trying to pull a smile out from your kids in our photo shoot. I love hanging out with my own kids + hubby when I am not taking photos. I love going to Golden Pork on King St. and Matsumoto's Shave Ice is a must whenever there is a North Shore wedding or photo session.

I'm here to help you create memories. To capture your heart. Do you remember that first kiss? Night time? Twinkling stars overhead? Cars rushing by, or was that the beating of your heart? The tiny toes you held in your hands for the first time? Do you remember the smile that followed? Love + laughter + joy. I believe in happy endings and small moments that tell your story. Photographs that lift your spirit and have your soul soaring when you need it the most. Capturing your heart in those small quiet moments. The small and the grandiose. The beautiful little details and the grand sweeping gestures are all there.

Welcome to Studio 3511 Photography. Hawaii Wedding Photographer, Oahu Family Photographer, Easy going, innovative, joyful and fun.


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