Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

close up of groom's blue suit and polka dot tie

Check out the photography from this lovely Oahu destination wedding at Ala Moana Beach Park! It was a beautiful afternoon and a perfect time to capture some beautiful and memorable beach photos for this lovely couple from New Zealand.

Ala Moana Beach Park can be a nice place for wedding photography and family portraits too. Tall green palm trees, wide stretch of beach and even some green spots and banyan trees right across the street from the beach. Ala Moana Beach Park can also be a horrible place for photos. Lots of swimmers and sunbathers can ruin the backdrop of your photos. The glare from the water can turn blue oceans to bright, blinding spots of white in your photos- not to mention making you squint! And don’t even get me started on sunburns and how that can ruin your shots too! BUT- luckily for you- I really work hard to avoid all those pitfalls and aim to give you some beautiful shots with some amazing Ala Moana Beach Park backdrops. Check out the photos below and let me know which is your favorite. The beach park is undergoing renovations and hopefully they will be done in the next month. There might be some nice architecture for our photos on the way! Email me and set up your session now!



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