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Looking at all the fresh and new invitations from Basic Invite has been my obsession lately. We have a few big milestones coming up in the next few years and I think it is time to celebrate and throw a few parties! My parents will be having their 50th wedding anniversary happening, along with my own 20th wedding anniversary (yikes!) and a graduation from high school (double yikes!!).

I was told about this great invitation site called Basic Invite. It is all about wedding invitations, sets, colors, metallic foil and more! Babies, kids parties, graduation announcements and business cards! With lots of different designs to choose from as well. It was a little overwhelming at first. But as you scroll through, the first thing you should notice is that you can order samples. I highly recommend it- you can feel the paper, see the shiny (or not) and even see how the colors pop on their different card stocks. As you check out the different options, you get into a groove and everything begins to be familiar and easy.

So I ordered a few different samples – and they let you choose any color you like on those invites and there are so many different shades, you will be able to match your wedding colors perfectly! As a photographer and graphic designer- those little details about shades of color as well as playing with the different fonts is heartwarming to me. I like to have control over the littlest details and Basic Invite allowed me to do this. I ordered a few different paper choices, the metallic foil and the acrylic see through.

The best part about the samples though? Seeing it in person and drooling over the clear see through collection and raised metallic foil samples! (can you tell I really loved taking photos of that clear sample?!!!) I have so many great ideas for artwork, kids drawings and photographs to put behind the invite itself and then into the envelopes that you can also buy to complete your set. Check these out in the photos. Email me if you need some great ideas or photography to go behind your new invitations. The best part of all of this? Very affordable and won’t break the bank! Mahalo @basicinvite! Looking forward now, more than ever, to plan these big party events for the next year or so!

You can start to order wedding invitations here.

Check it out! You will love it.




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