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Oahu Family Photography

Oahu Family Photography and places beyond- Ready here- waiting to photograph your kids! Capturing your memories at this moment in time. Actually, I love traveling to new places too- so please let me know if you are not on Oahu! Doesn’t it goes by so fast? One minute, you are changing diapers, you blink, and now you are running after your super fast toddler. I am actually navigating the wonderful world of the pre-teen. I have realized that there are many moments that I have missed, the chubby cheeks, the giant gap when their baby teeth fell out- and those are the moments you should be celebrating and recording. Those are the moments you want on film. Printed and in frames on your living room wall. The moments that are already gone from last week. Let me help you create great memories. A few posed group photos, and a whole bunch of little details and smiles and giggles with you. There will be stories that celebrate each image. That you will come back to time and time again- the teddy bear or truck that they would never let out of their site. The blanket that now has so many holes in it- but they still sleep with it each and every night. (True story- my 14 year old still has his!!) Even photography with your own parents and children. Take a picture with you and your child. I know, I know- the crazy hair, the bags under the eyes, not having anything to wear… That doesn’t matter. You matter, and a photo with your child? That matters. That is what they look at 10 years from now. That snuggle is what they remember. Hanging out with you. That is important, lets get that image captured soon. The good, the crazy, the funny. Oahu family photography, Maui family photography, California family photography- I would be happy to come to you! Capture your family the way they really are! Let me help you get the images you would like. We can discuss your ideas, and what your family is interested in. We will base your photography session around those ideas and it will truly be a unique and customized session built around you.  I will also edit your session and create beautiful colors and consistency- even smoothing out a few wrinkles if you request it. Lets talk and take pictures soon. 

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