Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

Oahu Maternity & Newborn Photographer

Maternity photography is the start to a lifetime of some amazing-ness. Your small mini will be here soon! Pamper yourself and make sure to capture a few photos of yourself in this great time in your life. As your little one grows- you will want to make sure that you capture that smallness as soon as you can. They grow at amazing speeds and every week is different! As a newborn photographer, I have a lot of fun with you and your small mini! Do you have a few outfits that the grandparents gave you? A special blanket that your baby was brought home from the hospital in? Make sure to bring those props along for the photo shoot! I do like taking newborn photographs in your home, next to a big beautiful window. Don’t have one? No worries. Let me know your living situation and we can carve out a small space, with natural lighting to create a safe, warm place for some beautiful closeups. Don’t even worry about a messy house. Mine, I guarantee is the worst. And lucky we live Hawaii! I have also done newborn and maternity shoots outdoors at the parks. We can do your session anywhere! As a newborn photographer, I love to capture the connection between your baby and yourself. Its such a fleeting moment in your lives, and you are so overwhelmed and tired, it goes by even faster. I actually couldn’t remember my 2nd child’s first year, I was so busy juggling the 2 year old with the 2nd born- thinking it was similar to the first time we went through with it- but really- the kids were so completely different! I am glad we were able to get some photos of that time, I seem to re-live through those images and remember the stories attached to them. And love that the most.