Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

Couple smooching behind a leaf Close up of Girl with red hibiscus Engagement Photo sesion paddling on SUP Kissing Couple on SUP at Maunalua Bay Close up of dog on SUP 2 dogs on SUP at Maunalua Bay Couple dipping in the middle of Maunalua Bay Walking SUP across Maunalua Bay Dog paw prints in mud Sandy dog facePaddle boarding, or SUPing at Maunalua Bay is a great thing to do. To have your engagement session be pictures of you paddle boarding at Moanalua Bay, with your 2 dogs, is super amazing and fun! We met up on a nice, windless kind of morning with the tide low so we could walk out onto the sandbar. The dogs weren’t too sure of the whole thing- but we were able to get them to look at the camera for a few photos. They were just in no mood to paddle their lovebird owners around though. It does take a little more effort and concentration to paddle yourself into position, especially when your photographer (me) starts to tell you to kiss as you are paddling around- but C and W did fantastic. We had a great time and got some good photos. Check them out. Where do you want to do your next adventure photography session??? Where would you recommend?



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