Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

Dad tossing son up in air, all in yellow hawaiian attire Parents swinging son, all in yellow Hawaiian attire Boy hugging mom Boy in yellow Hawaiian shirt holding red car Couple dressed in yellow Hawaiian print at North Shore beach Father and son walking down North Shore Secret Beach Boy in red and blue swimsuit at North Shore Secret Beach Boy at North shore beach holding red car Family in swimsuits at North Shore Beach Boy at North shore beach in blue and red swimsuit

So this North Shore secret beach really isn’t a secret anymore. Sometimes this North Shore secret beach has turtles. Sometimes this North Shore secret beach is full of sand. Sometimes there is nothing but rocks. It is a beautiful beach with a wonderful tree line and miles of ocean. I was lucky to meet up with H and her family for a very fun family photography shoot there. We had one of those mornings that makes Hawaii (and Oahu) a picture perfect postcard. Palm trees. Blue skies. Tiny fish darting in and out of the surf and rocks. And little red toy cars! They brought some sand toys and some very little serious faces. Looking for great ideas for your next Hawaii photography session? This is a great idea for your own family photography session. Bringing items that your child loves and is comfortable with makes them get focused and I’m able to get some great photos of your child with one of their childhood memories. These guys also brought a change of clothes- their swimsuits- and we got some fun family pictures of them in the water at the end of the session. Another great idea for your Hawaii photos with a professional (me!) Check out the wonderful pictures and set up your own family session today!



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