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Boy looking at fishtank Paris apartment and bookshelves Boys holding up their favorite books Kid drawings taped to wall of bedroom Superhero capes Family fun on couch in apartment Walking down stairs in a Parisian apartment Walking down the street in Paris Neighborhood park in Paris outside Le Bon Marche family running and holding hands in park in Paris Dad and son smiling in a park Family jumping in a Parisian Park Kids taking off shoes to go play Mom and dad taking photo in a park Kid jumping from bench to bench Cherry tree blossoms Kids hugging mom Family portrait in front of Parisian Hotel

Let’s keep on with our travel theme and taking photos outside of Hawaii and check me out being a Paris family photographer! This really was one of the highlights- both to travel to Paris again and to take photos of this amazing family. We met back in Hawaii, did photographs down at Kapiolani Park and then they decided to move. To Paris. To expose their kids to a different language and culture. I am so in awe of all of them.

We were able to meet at their charming home in the 11th arrondissement. We did some photos with their fish and favorite books. I find that this brings out some confidence with the kids. We then walked to a nearby park for more photos and fun. Paris has a carousel at every neighborhood corner park! You must have photos on the carousel! I can’t wait until their next adventure and I hope that I am able to meet up with them for more travel family photography sessions. This Paris family photographer would like to become a Morrocco or Sweden family photographer next!

Do you have a favorite spot in the world that we can take photos at? I am actually gearing up to head back to California and take some family portraits there in October. Please email me and set something up! I would love to visit your neck of the woods.



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