Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

Boy with leaf in front of face Mom and son holding leaf looking at camera Boy In blue shirt held upside down by mom Boy chasing after father on grassy hill Far away shot of family on green grass hill Boy holding persimmon over head Family of four, mom, dad and two sons in field with olive trees close up of little boy Family walking in park Mom and son giggling close up Small boy holding persimmon Couple snuggling Dad swinging kid two brothers hugging

Waaay long time ago, before Covid ever was a household word- I was able to go see one of my most favorite families and be a Sacramento Family Photographer for a day! I’ve been with these guys since their wedding, birth of their first born and then second. Then they moved to Oakland, and now Sacramento. I gotta say that it was a fun trip to Sacramento to see them and take photos there! Check out all the shy smiles- and lots of leafy props! We did a lot of running. Some tumbling. But it makes for great photos! I’m not sure when we will be able to travel again- but I hope I get to see you when I do. Photo sessions are now available in Honolulu so give me a call!



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