Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

Waimanalo Beach Surprise proposal Newly engaged couple walking down Waimanalo Beach Indian Couple at Waimanalo Beach with mountains in background Close up of woman at Waimanalo Beach Couple kissing under rainbow umbrella at Waimanalo Beach Couple at Waimanalo Beach with coconut trees in background Windy hair on woman at Makapuu Lookout Woman Playing with hair at windy Makapuu Lookout

I love taking photos at Waimanalo Beach and it gets better when I am a surprise engagement photographer! We didn’t quite get the best weather out there, although we managed to miss the rain squalls and get some blue skies. When you are there for bigger and better things- like proposing to your girlfriend to become your fianće and soon to be wife, well, everything works out.

V gave me a call and was so excited to set this shoot up. We worked out the secret hand signal and everything. Once we got the right angle and the hand signal was given, and she said yes… it was a great day and the skies turned blue and we got some great photos. Wind and all. We even did a quick stop at the Makapuu lookout for a few great shots of the coastline. Call and set up your surprise photo shoot today! (and let me tell you how to make your surprise engagement a success!)



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