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Oahu Engagement Photography : Studio 3511 Photography

Vacationing on Oahu is a serious goal- as is your engagement and you are almost there! Make sure to also get beautiful pictures of you & your loved one when you are on vacation or even if you live on Oahu, or elsewhere- (I can come to you! AND I love new locations!) Engagement photography: comfortable, everyday places and clothes, playful, serious, fun… and if we have a wedding coming up together- it’s a chance to work together before your big day and get used to the camera. On vacation? Planning a surprise engagement? Planning your destination wedding? Here on Oahu for your honeymoon? Here is your photographer!! Capturing love! Capturing silliness, smiles and joy. What can we do together? Tell me what you love to do, and lets get great pics of your ideas, your joys, your passions and hobbies along with the both of you in the shot… set up a session today. Laugh, love, play, photograph…. its not just for the newly engaged… but also for long time couples who want to reconnect and take some pictures of this moment, the two of you! something to do for a valentines day gift, anniversary, vow renewals!! Surprise your loved one today.